Action Research Project

The final project for this course is the creation of an Action Research Project whereby students will be responsible for conducting an interview of a municipal official (elected or appointed) of their choice and examining the responsibilities of the official along with challenges he or she faces. Students will select a municipal official in the field and prepare interview questions. After conducting the interview, students will summarize the information detailing the sentiments of the respective municipal official and analyze the data collected. In the interview, students should craft questions that explore the functions and structure of municipal government and the impact on local services. The final project represents an authentic demonstration of competency because students will be gathering the necessary research data which will serve as the basis for constructing potential solutions to challenges facing municipalities.

submit a five-page Action Research Paper, which will include your summary, any conclusions, and further recommendations. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the main elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.

The interview questions should address the challenges that face the official, including the constraints and benefits of the municipal official’s position as well as the functions and impact the official has on local services. Questions should also be crafted on the importance of citizen involvement. These concepts will serve as the basis for your interview and the dialogue that you will have with the subject of your research. It will be important to include a rationale for why you chose these specific concepts to serve as the basis for your project. A “one question” interview on a specific concept will not provide enough information for the student to properly complete this research paper. Results and Data Analysis: Analyze the data that you collected during your interview. Include an evaluation of the challenges that face the official, as well as a critique of the constraints and benefits of the municipal official’s position. The analysis should address the functions and impact the official has on local services. It may be helpful to compare the results with the previous work that you have submitted during the course of the semester (i.e. discussion topics, short papers). Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations: Summarize your findings from the interview in an organized manner and prepare conclusions based on the information that you obtained from your interview subject as well as your previous work during the semester. Include conclusions on the effects of active citizen involvement within the government using your data as evidence. Your summary will be helpful in aiding other municipal officials moving forward. Include sample recommendations on the challenges that you examined.

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