ENG101 English Composition


Research Presentation, Presenting Research on a Social Issue or Historical Context For this presentation, you will build off the analysis of a short story you did from Project 3. You will examine it alongside research relating to its historical context or a social issue inherent in the piece. For text examples, see the arguments developed about “The Yellow Wallpaper” from our reading. (A Paper that works to Examine Social Issues MLM & A Paper that Places A Literary Work in Historical and Cultural Context MLM).

Make sure you are specific in the cultural context or social issue you are examining. For example, thinking about “The Yellow Wallpaper” in terms of “women’s rights” is very broad, but thinking about “The Yellow Wallpaper” in terms of the historical medical treatment of mental illness in women is much more specific. Now that you’ve learned more about incorporating outside sources and analyzing stories, poems, essays, and I plays, I would like you to present to the class. For this presentation, you need a total of four new outside sources. The research should relate to your social issue or historical context. It may or may not be directly related to the story or poem. You can find texts that don’t mention your poem (for example something about the history of the medical treatment of women) that you can apply to our understanding of the writing. If you find sources that are related to both the social issue or historical context AND your story/poem/essay/play, great! Please only use academic peer-reviewed sources for your four sources.

Credible mainstream/journalistic sources are fine as additional sources to the required four. You must include a Works Cited slide at the end of your presentation. As there are too many examples in the text, I ask that you not choose “The Yellow Wallpaper.” You should use slide show software to present your video and topic research to the class. You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides. You will send your presentation to me on the day of your presentation. Your presentation should be around 10 to 12 minutes. Make sure your presentation covers:

• How you arrived at your topic/why you chose it • An argument or conclusion you are making about the short story based on the research you’ve done • A forecast of the points you will cover • Author bio information • Organized presentation of research support that relates to your overall argument and historical/ social issue context —include visuals! Audio! Infographics! (Don’t go crazy with long outside video clips, I still except YOU to speak for the majority of the presentation) • How the close reading done in assignment 3 helps you to understand this topic • A slide breaking down/close reading a quote from the story • It is not enough to just list interesting research on this topic. You must bring it back to the story and author! • Audience engagement – ask the class questions, or create a hand out that gets them involved somehow in your presentation • A conclusion • A Works Cited slide (MLA Format) Make sure you time your presentation before you present. Long presentations will be marked down as well.