Explain how we can apply a positive writing style at work while identifying logical inconsistencies.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

·         Explain how we can apply a positive writing style at work while identifying logical inconsistencies.

·         Provide a concrete example of an appropriate way in which we can use communication skills to accomplish this.

Part 2.  Respond to the following post a minimum of 100 words. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

“The ways we can apply a positive writing style while at work is to be logical and to make your writing simple and understanding. Make sure your audience is able to understand and that you are to the point. Be sure to study what and who your audience is to better be able to communicate with them. Make sure the writing can persuade your audience in the direction necessary to make it plausible. Also you need to take into account your writing style when communicating with different cultures to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

At my current job I have to communicate face to face and through email. I tend to have to understand the people I am talking to based on their culture or beliefs and their position in the company. Those two things can change the way I word certain emails or ways to approach a situation in person to reassure the idea or argument I am trying to get across. I use these communication skills everyday to constantly help myself understand and become successful in communicating between certain cultures and beliefs.”  -Thomas P.

Part 3. Reply to the following discussion in a minimum of 100 words:

“We can apply a positive writing style at work by following three steps: plan, write, and review. These factors are commonly forgotten in everyday wok emails, letters, and memos. I have experienced poor communication at my current job when I received a memo about a change in my job procedure. The lack of communication skills caused me to misunderstand the message and was immediately upset. This is a constant occurrence at my location and it is do to our management not having the proper communication skills.

Writing something important, such as an email, should be well-thought and should be written using a process. Targeting your audience and secondary audience, should be considered, followed by how the message will affect them specifically, especially if there is variety of cultures or international audience. An individual’s tone can also affect how a message is perceived and should be carefully displayed. A thorough proofreading of the message is vital and can also misinterpret how a message should be taken. Understanding your audience and writing well enough to empathize with them can build trust and growth in a professional relationship.” – Charlie P.