Human Resources – Performance Management System Assessment

Assessment 3: Individual Report SUBMISSION INFORMATION Value Individual report 50% Format Report -2500 (+/- 10%) words, excluding cover page, end-text references, tables or figures. Please include in-text and end-text references. 1½ line spacing. Font size 12point How to submit Electronically, via Turnitin on Blackboard>Assessment folder > Learning Outcomes Analyse the strategic link between performance management and reward processes and organisational outcomes. Critique the different issues related to managing employee performance. Analyse and create a performance management and reward system for an organisation based on theoretical approaches covered in the unit. Course Outcomes PGCLO2.1 Conceptualise problems or situations (investigate, analyse, synthesis and evaluate. PGCLO2.3 Solve complex problems. PGCLO2.4 Critically reflect on processes and assumptions. PGCLO3.1 Demonstrate effective written, oral and non-verbal communications skills. MAN6714 | Page 13 PREPARATION To do well in this assignment, you need to have researched and read the academic literature extensively. You must also actively participate and work well in a group situation. PREPARATION To do well in this assignment, you need to have researched and read the academic literature extensively. You must also actively participate and work well in a group situation. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, students take on a consulting type role. Using your current employer or an organisation( I have chosen TARGET) of which you are familiar, students assess their performance management and reward system, and then develop a written report to recommend a ‘newly revised’ Performance Management and Reward System for this organisation. This assessment consists of an individual report (50%). Students need to email the lecturer their selecton of organisation by Wednesday 22nd April 2020 for approval to ensure there are no overlaps of organisations being reviewed. Information about the Individual Report (50%): This report is due in Week 13. The report should be a professional consultant’s report and include all relevant sections. It should not exceed 2500 words (+ or – 10%) (excluding the cover page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, End Text References). Please include the following parts: 1. Executive Summary 2. Table of Contents 3. Introduction 4. Organisational overview outlining information such as the type of business, number of years in business, strategic goals, and others 5. Analysis of TWO parts of the performance management system of this organisation (e.g., strategic planning and implementation, the application of any motivational theories in the organisation, diversity management, managing individual and team performance, balanced scorecard, the design of certain jobs in the organisation, work life balance and the management of work-life balance conflict, the implementation of performance appraisal) 6. Critical reflection on the processes and assumptions implicit in the current reward and overall performance management systems of this organisation (including both the financial and nonfinancial rewards, individual reward systems, team reward systems) 7. A detailed outline of what the organisation is doing well and your recommendations for Performance Management and Reward System improvements and changes 8. Conclusion 9. References 10. Appendices (if relevant). RESOURCES Online scholarly journals from reputable databases must be consulted. Information from freely available web pages are not always reputable and will not be accepted as source documents.