most important and common methods of communication and “social integration”

One the most important and common methods of communication and “social integration” with professors will be through email. Email in college, like in the workplace, is much more formal and professional than email or text messages sent to friends or family. In a lot of ways, it should be written in the same manner as any other academic essay/assignment.

For this assignment students will compose a “mock” email to their professor of this class. They will NOT actually send it, but will instead upload a screenshot (or pic) of it for grading. If you are unsure how to take a screenshot, try searching online for a tutorial, as this is a valuable skill. If you are unable to locate an acceptable tutorial, a pic from your cell phone will serve as an acceptable substitute. Students will be graded on: (a) an appropriate subject line and salutation; (b) clear, succinct introduction and paragraph; (c) and mechanics such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

Note- It is always a good idea to check the grading rubric before beginning any assignment.

Also Note- Students should understand that this is a “mock” email. Professors will grade for format and content. They will not assume that any student is actually asking the question or seeking the appointment. If any student wishes to have their professor respond or address an actual concern, they should email them privately.

Assignment Instructions

1. Use only your Liberty email account when emailing professors.

a. Note- How else will a professor know if SuperMonkey643@Yahoo is actually you?

2. Create an appropriate Subject line- and always include the class name and section number.

a. Note- Never leave the subject line blank. [good example: UNIV 104-B01 Appointment Request re: Project 2 Due Date]

3. Use an appropriate salutation. It is best to use a formal greeting and professor title (i.e. Dr.).

4. Write a sentence or two that introduces yourself and explains the need for this email.

5. Begin a new paragraph and explain your concern or question. Note- Professors are very busy and receive hundreds of emails each week. Be detailed, but succinct. Make sure that your question is pertinent, and not easily answered by simply reading the syllabus or assignment instructions. Examples include:

a. You may want to set up an appointment to meet this professor in his/her office.

i. Note- Always provide the purpose of the meeting so that the professor can be prepared.

b. You may have a very specific question regarding class, textbook, or an assignment.

c. You may wish to share an engaging anecdote or story that connects to something covered in the textbook or in class.

i. Note- Remember to keep it relevant and brief.

6. Use an appropriate closing, write your first and last name and student ID number, and proofread.

7. Take a screenshot of your email and upload it (pic of screen acceptable).

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the last day (Monday) of Module/Week 1.