How much does it cost to complete my homework?

How much does it cost to do/ complete my homework? Fair assignment prices

Wondering how much it will cost you to pay for homework or assignment on our website?? Well, worry no more. There is a simple way to determine what it will cost to have someone complete your assignment. Several factors influence the price and are,

  1. The urgency of the assignment
  2. The difficulty of the assignment
  3. The length of the number of pages involved in the homework
  4. Lastly is the level of study

The urgency of the assignment

The urgent assignment will cost more than one with a long deadline, the reason is because of writers. Not all writers are readily available to write urgent orders, on the contrast, they id rather take papers with a long deadline which will not be a pressure to them. To get a writer working on an urgent assignment and leave pending what he was doing before requires extra compensation. That’s why the cost of such an assignment is high. But if you ever get yourself with an urgent paper to submit don’t worry, Our writers won’t be scared, they will only demand more but still complete your question.

The difficulty of the assignment

The other factor affecting the price of your homework is the difficulty of an assignment.  Our prices start from $11 per page and increase with the difficulty of a question. Technical papers such as computer science, architecture or even Dissertation for a P.hD level will cost more than a simple undergraduate case study homework. The difficult assignment requires experts specialized in the field of study. Such writers do not write papers in others because they are specialized and the system doesn’t allow them to take other assignments because they should be standby to do what they are specialized in. If you have difficult homework no matter the field we have an expert, just place an order and let out writers help you.

The length of the number of pages involved in the homework

The other factor that will affect the price of homework is the deliverable length.  For each page (275 words) is charged the least price depending on other factors such as the urgency and difficulty. A ten-page research paper will cost 10 times the price of a single page discussion post. Don’t ever worry about rhe length of your work, simply let our writers worry about that. Take a step and place an order today

How do I know the price after reading the above?

Well knowing the price on our website is simple, you don’t have to be a rocket science student to determine the price. There is a calculator on our homepage and also on all posts that you are likely to come across that will to do that for you. Nevertheless, you can fill in the details of your requirements and the price will quickly pop up. You can also use a our ordering form. Insert the details of you paper and the cost price will be quoted. Utilize this great opportunity and enjoy QUALITY HOMEWORK PAPER for an affordable price.

Below is a table showing the price at a glance.


The price is based on these factors:

Academic level || Number of pages || Urgency || Type of paper needed