Reflection Assignments

INSTRUCTIONS: For all your Reflection Assignments, you will need to show an understanding of the material presented on Canvas and I will be looking for your own analysis.  Your analysis should show some critical thinking and you should make sure to fully explain your responses.  Please answer ALL of the following questions and answer ALL parts of each question.

1.) You were asked to watch a video about the Declaration of Independence.  The video specifically highlights the origins and effects of the Declaration.  In your own words, discuss what you learned about the origins and effects of the Declaration; be sure to explain where some of the ideas in the Declaration came from and how the Declaration had an impact beyond the Revolutionary War.

2.) The Articles of Confederation were a first attempt at designing a constitution, but they ultimately failed.  This failure led to the need to write a new constitution.  In your response, first, give me an overview of why the Articles of Confederation failed.  Second, give me an overview of the major debates and conflicts that existed prior to the writing of the new constitution AND what were the compromises that addressed those conflicts.  Lastly, what are YOUR thoughts about these compromises?  Were they fair and what consequences do you think these compromises have had on our country?

3.) We will study the Electoral College in more detail later in the semester, but as discussed in the module, the Electoral College was established to prevent the people (the masses) from directly electing the president.  The thought was that the people were not capable of making decisions that important and that they might make some bad decisions due to their lack of knowledge and education.  Is there any legitimacy to the idea that the masses should not have too much political power?  Should there be any limits to who can vote, or in which elections the masses can vote in?  In your answer, consider whether it is dangerous or not to allow people who have no knowledge about the political system to decide who should be the ones in charge.  You should also consider making reference to the philosophers we studied earlier and what they might say about these questions.  Make sure to explain your answer.

You do not need to write this is an essay-style format.  You can simply number each response #1-3.

This assignment should be submitted through Canvas.  You can either type it directly into Canvas or you can submit an attachment.  The entire assignment should be at least 450 words in length. Keep in mind, this is the BARE MINIMUM that you should do and you should consider going over the minimum in order to receive a high grade on the assignment.