use either alphanumeric or decimal notation for the outline

A solid outline of your report will set you up to be successful on future drafts. In order to help you be successful and to emphasize the significance of the outline.

You will provide a rough draft of the detailed outline of the report, as you envision it at this point. Since you are still in the development stage, we expect the outline to evolve based on additional research and development as you proceed. Nonetheless, the outline should be detailed and appropriately thorough for this stage of the project.

The outline should show what you will include in your report and how you will group or cluster the information. Use informative and parallel headings to document the structure of your topics. Use parenthetical citations (APA style) in the text of the descriptions and document each citation in the references at the end of the proposal.

Write the description in complete sentences, not sentence fragments or bullet points. Write your outline in the exact language, verb tense, structure, etc. that you plan to use for the report itself.

  • Develop level 1, 2, & 3 headings.
  • Use the graphic organizer or develop your own outline.
  • Optional: Level 1, 2, & 3 headings to me for feedback on parallel structure and organization of ideas prior to submitting for a grade.
  • Introduction:
    • Include background information, definition of topic, problem statement, audience profile, and scope of report. You can revise and reuse content from other assignments. You can also use information you discussed during the approach of this assignment.
  • Body
    • Include all major sections. Add research, support, and examples for ideas.
    • Document the sources of all facts, figures, and ideas with complete citations in APA format. Proper documentation means that you include both in-text citations (parenthetical citations) and a complete reference list. All sources cited in the text of the proposal must be included in the reference list, and vice versa.
  • Conclusion
    • Anticipate the summary, findings, analysis, predictions, call to action for your report.
    • Be prepared to update and revise as your project progresses.
  • Format Tips
    • Your outline must have three levels. Each heading at each level of the outline must have:
      • (1) the title of the heading and
      • (2) an overview/introductory paragraph of what will be included in that section of the report.
      • *Use a title that previews the content for that section. DO NOT use introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • Use either alphanumeric or decimal notation for the outline, per the outline format document in the Assignment 3 folder. The lecture on Organizing for Readers and Chapter 10 of your text are relevant to this section of the proposal.
  • Also Please look at my previous work done ( file uploaded), where i have my topic already. do not chooses a new topic for me… just create me a nice outline according to the instructions…